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The 2024 Walk and Roll to School Guide

for Coordinators

This guide serves as a resource for our amazing event coordinators as they plan, promote and run the 2024 Walk and Roll to School Day at their designated schools.

Walk & Roll to School Day

Thursday, May 9th, 2024

7:00–8:15 am

*Actual times may vary by school site

Walk and Roll to School

You are a part of something big.

Walk and Roll to School Day has been a tradition in our community for over 27 years. This program works with more than 40 schools and 4,000 students from all over the county who participate on the same morning!

These important events are successful because of people like you who recognize how critical active transportation is to the wellbeing of our children and our planet.

Get Started

Confirm with your school administration

Remind your school administration of the event and confirm your location on campus, use of school equipment, and any school admin support.

Download Digital Assets

Get access to PDF files of posters, flyers, and images for newsletter/school website. Click here for access.


Look for your welcome packet at the front office

We are projecting to send your packet with posters to your school address on the week of April 22nd.

Start promoting your event

Put up posters in prominent areas on campus, add flyers to teachers mailboxes, use Facebook, robo calls and school marquees.

Schedule your food pickup time

Food Food pick up is Wednesday, May 8th from 2-6 PM at the Ecology Action parking lot for North County or Watsonville Cyclery for South County.

Share our Walk and Roll page with parents

We put together a web page to help parents get kids all set for Walk and Roll to School Day. Please share this site with parents!

Event Day

Setting up your event

Please ensure that every child signs in and completes registration. They can receive their sticker once they’ve completed this step.

Using the Distance Guide

Determine distance from home to school using time estimates for cycling (i.e. 6 min = 1 mile) or how many blocks (i.e. 4 blocks = 1/2 mile)

Distributing Food

A ‘Walk & Roll To School’ sticker is required to receive the free breakfast.

Share Photos and Videos to Social Media

Tag @letsmodo on Instagram and use #letsmodo!

Wrap Up

Return your participation sheets to Juan.

You can fax, scan and email, or photograph and text your sign in sheets to Juan at or fax them to 831-425-1404.

Return borrowed or extra supplies to Ecology Action

If you borrowed any equipment from Ecology Action, it needs to be returned to us as soon as possible.

We want your feedback! Complete the survey.

We want to know how it worked for you and how we can make it better. The survey is short and just takes a minutes to complete!

Keep riding, scooting, walking and skating!

Lean into your momentum and solidify those great habits by incorporating movement into everything you do.