Let’s keep a good thing rolling

Learn, move, and connect with active transportation

What is active transportation?

Active transportation = human-powered mobility

When we use our own energy to get around great things can happen. We get moving outside and connect with nature and neighbors. We reduce local climate impacts by not relying on gas-powered transportation. We promote safer streets and more resilient communities. There are many active modes to choose from, and here on the Central Coast we celebrate all of them!

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Skateboard
  • Scooter
  • Rollerblade

Learn, Move, Connect

Learn the basics of bike safety and preparing your bike and gear.

Let’s get rolling

Beginners guide: see how changing your mode can change everything.

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Ride an e-bike

Fund the e-bike of your dreams!

If you work in downtown Santa Cruz, you could save $800 dollars on an e-bike with our partners at GO Santa Cruz. See if you qualify!

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Modo teaches youth street safety and navigation skills.

Street safety for students

Partnerships for safer routes to school and more resilient communities.

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Why Modo

In California, 38% of GHG emissions comes from transportation.

In Santa Cruz County it’s a whopping 60%.

Modo: serving Central Coast California

Breathe a little easier and save time with a sustainable commute.

By swapping your car for a zero-emission option, our communities benefit from reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality.

Modo: Active Transportation for all.

Get moving for benefits from head to toe.

People who use active transportation to get around experience improved physical and mental health benefits by being more physically active through out the day.

Modo: active transportation for all